Jazz Bouquet Floral Blog

Sedona Arts Center

Floral Artist Dar Shepherd

First Friday 07/07/17

Floral Performance Art by Dar

Flower Power

Fresh flowers improve the mood and energy

of everyone who comes in contact with them.

A behavioral study conducted at Harvard University

shows people feel more compassionate towards

others, have less worry and anxiety, and feel less

depressed when flowers are present in the home.

Living with fresh flowers can provide a boost of energy,

happiness, and enthusiasm at work.

Jazz Bouquet offers floral deliveries worldwide. Same day delivery to your home, business, or resort.

Specializing in weddings, events, and custom Zen style creations.

Floral Performance Art is available for your event, meeting, or home gathering.

Stop by Jazz Bouquet to meet Floral Arist  Dar Shepherd.  We are conviently located in the Basha's Shopping center across from Bealls Outlet at 89A and Coffee Pot Drive in West Sedona.